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Excel POS provides credit card processing for online, in-store, office, and mobile applications.

Excel POS is here to support the expansion of your company. Allow your clients to pay as they like, and you’ll see your business grow.

Newland N910

The Newland N910 features a dual-processor design for high performance and security. It offers versatile connectivity with WiFi, 4G, and Bluetooth. The multi-function docking station and optional fingerprint reader enhance convenience and applicability.

Tetra Move 5000

The TetraMove 5000 handheld card machine offers ultimate flexibility. With constant connectivity through WiFi, 3G, or Bluetooth, it seamlessly integrates with your point-of-sale system, supports preauthorization, and ensures robust data security. Serve customers on the move with ease.

Tetra Desk 5000

TetraDesk 5000: Streamlined and powerful. This fixed card machine means business, with seamless point-of-sale integration, optional customer PIN pad, preauthorization capability, and built-in data security for swift, hassle-free transactions. Get down to business effortlessly.

Clover Flex

Clover Flex: Compact and versatile. Designed for business on-the-go. Customers can dip, swipe, tap, and sign, anywhere in your store. With a built-in receipt printer and scanner, Clover Flex provides ultimate flexibility and convenience. Elevate your business today.

Clover Mini

Clover Mini: A compact, all-in-one POS system for businesses of any size. It offers user-friendly interface, fast processing, and anywhere access. Manage inventory and track sales effortlessly, while building customer relationships. Choose your software plan to fit your needs.

Clover Station Duo

Clover Station Duo: Your ultimate POS system. Fast, secure, and versatile. Accept various payments, streamline operations, and gain insights. Ideal for counter-service restaurants and retail businesses. Features dual screens, receipt printer, cameras, and robust security.

Poynt Terminal Elavon

Streamlined payment software in an elegant device. Intuitive features ensure seamless experiences. Wireless capability for up to eight hours. An all-in-one cloud-based terminal that effortlessly transitions from counter to mobile, providing access to a wealth of reports and insights.

Samsung Kiosk

Samsung’s all-in-one kiosk offers exceptional self-service for various businesses. It’s easy to install, operate, and customize. Boost sales, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences, meeting demands in various industries.

Talech POS System

Talech offers a simple yet powerful POS system with over 100 features. Tailored for various businesses, it provides real-time access and affordability. With 24/7 support and a focus on customer needs, Talech helps businesses thrive.


POS (Point-of-Sale) Solutions

Revolutionize your business with our all-inclusive POS system, designed for restaurants, retailers, and service providers. Choose between mobile or countertop setups, and enhance operations with comprehensive management, POS stands, printers, and scanners.

Top-Tier Credit Card Machines

Excel POS offers top-quality credit card machines with chip and pin, tap-to-pay, and swipe capabilities. These reliable machines are perfect for stores, offices, or mobile enterprises, and offer universal acceptance for various forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and Interac.


Excel POS Virtual Terminal transforms PCs, and tablets into dynamic credit card terminals with no hardware, offering seamless simplicity, recurring transactions, email receipts, and customer data storage. This streamlined solution empowers businesses and embraces payment flexibility.

Effortless Payments with Email Invoicing

Simplify payment collection with email invoicing, allowing personalized invoices delivered to customers’ inboxes. Enjoy a seamless payment process, instant notification, and swift fund transfers in less than a day.

Seamless Online Transactions

Connect with customers through online payment gateway and APIs, integrate credit card processing into websites, shopping carts, and platforms, and prioritize security with PCI compliance, fraud detection, and secure storage.

Effortless Recurring Payments

Create tailored subscription billing plans with ease, offering flexible installment options, complete payment control, intuitive tools, and developer integration options.

Elevate Your Business with Seamless POS Solutions!

Revolutionize your operations with ExcelPOS – where efficiency meets innovation for unprecedented business success!

Excel POS Inc. seeks to transform business payment systems by providing clever and reasonably priced solutions that spur quick expansion and favorable reviews for businesses.

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