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Welcome to Excel POS

In-store, at your place of business, and on the go, we assist retailers in accepting credit cards. We provide an end-to-end payment solution that includes a merchant account, a payment gateway, and credit card readers. See our commitment to provide the lowest possible credit card processing fees.

Payment Solutions

Payments for Offices, Restaurants, and Retail

We offer solutions that enable businesses in retail, restaurants, office, and services to take gift cards, credit cards, and debit cards.

You can simply and securely handle payments with our carefully chosen selection of point-of-sale systems and payment terminals. Staff members find them quite simple to understand, and you can always count on round-the-clock customer service.

SaaS, eCommerce, online payments, and integrations

We assist your clients with tablet, smartphone, and desktop shopping. Our online payment gateway reduces risk, optimizes cash flow, and improves your client experience.

With our eCommerce solution, you can quickly add features like hosted payments, recurring payments, and invoicing into your website or software platform.

Wireless & Mobile Payments

When on the go, you can utilize a mobile payment app straight from your smartphone or a specialized wireless credit card terminal. Mobile money transfers are safe and quick. They accept Apple Pay, swipe, tap, and EMV chip and PIN. The following day or the day after, your money is then placed into your bank.



POS (Point-of-Sale) Solutions

Revolutionize your business with our all-inclusive POS system, designed for restaurants, retailers, and service providers. Choose between mobile or countertop setups, and enhance operations with comprehensive management, POS stands, printers, and scanners.

Top-Tier Credit Card Machines

Excel POS offers top-quality credit card machines with chip and pin, tap-to-pay, and swipe capabilities. These reliable machines are perfect for stores, offices, or mobile enterprises, and offer universal acceptance for various forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and Interac.


Clearly, Payments Virtual Terminal transforms PCs, and tablets into dynamic credit card terminals with no hardware, offering seamless simplicity, recurring transactions, email receipts, and customer data storage. This streamlined solution empowers businesses and embraces payment flexibility.

Effortless Payments with Email Invoicing

Simplify payment collection with email invoicing, allowing personalized invoices delivered to customers’ inboxes. Enjoy a seamless payment process, instant notification, and swift fund transfers in less than a day.

Seamless Online Transactions

Connect with customers through online payment gateway and APIs, integrate credit card processing into websites, shopping carts, and platforms, and prioritize security with PCI compliance, fraud detection, and secure storage.

Effortless Recurring Payments

Create tailored subscription billing plans with ease, offering flexible installment options, complete payment control, intuitive tools, and developer integration options.

Why Choose Excel POS

Our goal is to become the most amiable and top-notch payment processor on earth. We think it is excessively expensive to accept credit card payments. Our goal is to reduce those expenses until they are nil. That will assist us in becoming the top processor of credit cards.

Unbeatable Payment Processing Fees

We employ open pricing structures and pass interchange fees at wholesale. We are able to pass on those amazing savings to clients because of our low cost structure.

Total transparency. Always.

Simplicity and Transparency - Redefining the Way You Experience Payments

Payment technology that simply works

Millions of transactions are processed annually for thousands of businesses using our credit card readers and payment technologies.

No binding agreements. At all.

Every encounter and transaction we have builds consumer trust. No need for enforceable agreements and excruciating cancelation costs.

We quickly deposit your money.

You may join up and get onboarded in a matter of hours thanks to our lightning-fast deposits (same day financing).

A wholesale-rate membership plan

One of the first payment processors to provide a straightforward membership pricing structure is us, or you may go with our straightforward, reasonably priced cost plus pricing

What customer say about us​

Arthur Jones Designation

I am absolutely thrilled with the outstanding service provided by Excel POS! The customer support team at Excel POS is truly exceptional. They go above and beyond to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly, providing us with a sense of confidence and security in our partnership.

Sarah Johnson Owner

Excel POS has been a game-changer for our business. The system's robust features and intuitive interface have streamlined our operations and allowed us to serve our customers more efficiently. The reporting and analytics tools have provided invaluable insights into our sales trends, helping us make informed business decisions.

David Martinez Head Chef/Owner

As a busy restaurant owner, finding the right POS system was crucial for us. Excel POS exceeded our expectations in every way. The system is allowing our staff to quickly adapt and providing a smooth checkout experience for our customers. The inventory management features have helped us stay organized and reduce waste.

Elevate Your Business with Seamless POS Solutions!

Revolutionize your operations with ExcelPOS – where efficiency meets innovation for unprecedented business success!

Excel POS Inc. seeks to transform business payment systems by providing clever and reasonably priced solutions that spur quick expansion and favorable reviews for businesses.

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